Sixfold Project | Australian Artist Collaboration 

Art group, Sixfold Project connects six Australian artists from Queensland to Victoria to the Pacific Islands through a shared commitment to the exhibition of new and innovative work.
Sixfold (Six-Friends-Over-Long-Distance) Project is an Australian artist collaboration spanning the geographic divide between long-time collaborators, Raewyn Biggs, Barbara Dover, Louisa Ennis-Thomas, Julie Poulsen, Rose Rigley and Jennifer Valmadre.
Sixfold Project, Australian Artist Collaboration

Australian artist collaboration, Sixfold Project  Image credit: Michael Marzik

Australian artist collaboration, Sixfold Project member, Barbara Dover

Deep light, Barbara Dover (2020)  Image: Jim Cullen Photography

Why do galleries and curators engage with us?

Well, to start with, we’re a thoroughly decent, hard-working bunch of creative people. 

But we’re guessing you’d like to know  more. 


We work with dynamic curators and galleries who share our commitment to excellence in arts practice, innovation and supportive collaboration. 

As an artist group, we create and exhibit new work and develop compelling projects which engage audiences in contemporary art and activate public spaces.

How we work

Sixfold Project creates and delivers arts projects with a clear understanding of the importance to involve audiences in strong work; welcoming the viewer as an active participant. We focus on ways to engage new and existing audiences, and to develop community programming which enhances the exhibition experience, adding variety and diversity to art events and displays.

We’re always artists but, sometimes, we’re curators, project managers, grant writers, public speakers and arts educators too. 

Sixfold Project and our individual members participate in speaking engagements, exhibitions, commissions, public art and community art events. We run stand-alone workshops and other skill-sharing events as well as developing tailored audience engagement strategies to complement our creative projects.

Artist, Rose Rigley's creative letter project

audience engagement

Jennifer Valmadre ceramic workshops


public speaking


community events

Who we work with

  • public & commercial galleries
  • regional arts organisations
  • local councils
  • art collectors
  • artist-run-initiatives
  • not-for-profits
  • commercial enterprises
  • arts funding bodies
Gallery installation view of exhibition featuring artist collaboration at an art museum

Glimpse exhibition, Julie Poulsen & Jennifer Valmadre Image; Michael Marzik

What the arts industry says about us…

‘Really inspiring work!’

‘Thank you for putting together such a showcase of inspiring artists.’

‘A wonderful collection of works.’

‘High quality and engaging works. There should be more exhibitions like this!’

Exhibition Audience

Women in the Arts, Queensland

Australian Artist Collaboration

Sixfold Project partners

Artist collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Here are some of the innovative creative industry partners we have worked with over the past 10 years, as both individuals and collaborators. Some our group have worked with many times on a variety of contemporary arts projects.

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Sixfold Project artists

Since 2010, Sixfold Project have sustained an active artist collaboration which has enriched and supported both our group activities and our individual art practices.  Our art group is responsive to the changing arts ecosystem in Australia, investigating contemporary issues, questions and concerns. 

Sixfold Project members include: far north Queensland artists, Barbara Dover, Julie Poulsen, Rose Rigley and Jennifer Valmadre; Melbourne artist, Louisa Ennis-Thomas, and  Australian artist, Raewyn Biggs, who currently lives and works in the Cook Islands.

Why is collaboration important to our art practice?

Sixfold Project is an Australian artist collaboration committed to developing challenging works which gain audience attention and address contemporary issues and concerns in thought-provoking ways.

Both individually and in collaboration, we embrace excellence in contemporary art practice and provide leadership in this creative space.

Collaborative practice

  • generates new and innovative ideas
  • enables skill-sharing
  • draws upon years of collective knowledge and experience
  • engages audiences in a diversity of work
  • allows us to work with some of our favourite artists

With creative roots in regional Australia, our original connection began in  the dynamic arts community of far north Queensland. We have worked together since 2010, developing projects and exhibiting as Knock Knock Contemporary Artists’ Initiative for many years. As our lives moved apart geographically, we formalised our connection to maintain the valuable links we had forged as community arts producers and as an active artist group

Our group collaboration continues to support and energise our individual practices and to provide opportunities to engage with audiences throughout Australia.

We are Sixfold Project

 Australian Artist Collaboration

 Six Friends-Over-Long-Distance


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