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2022 Art Exhibition

Sixfold Project’s latest art exhibition – Out of the Box – explores the creative potential of the humble cardboard box.

Used, discarded, and often overlooked, cardboard is full of promise. Cardboard sculpture, collage and installation: cardboard as a unique and versatile material for the conveyance of ideas.

Let the fun begin!

2022 | Art Exhibition | Out of the Box

Raewyn Biggs, Baby Joe, cardboard collage

Specimen box, Louisa Ennis-Thomas (2022) cardboard, ink

Julie Poulsen artist, series of recycled cardboard bags, Cairns artist QLD

Fragile, Rose Rigley, mixed media cardboard collage (2022)

2022 Art Exhibition from Sixfold Project: Out of the Box

Raewyn Biggs, Baby Joe, cardboard collage

Nearest and dearest 2, Barbara Dover (2022) cardboard sculture

Raewyn Biggs, Baby Joe, cardboard collage

Baby Joe, Raewyn Biggs (2022), cardboard collage

Raewyn Biggs, Baby Joe, cardboard collage

Status I, Barbara Dover (2022) mixed media

Out of the Box

LOCATION     The Kite Gallery, Cairns QLD

DATES     6 – 29 May 2022

OFFICIAL OPENING     @ 6pm 6 May 2022

ARTWORK SALES    Please contact us with any artwork enquiries or to receive the complete exhibition catalogue.


Cardboard offers a wealth of opportunity for experimentation. It is pliable by nature, inexpensive and expansive in its endless applications. Sixfold Project embraced working with cardboard with enthusiasm, a rare opportunity for playful experimentation without any consequences.

Often the scale of our creative output is dictated by our surroundings, the resources we have available to us and the unique circumstances which shape our lives at the moment of production.

A word from each artist in Out of the Box

After my son unexpectedly returned home, these cardboard collages were made in my bedroom, on a small table, in a tiny space, out of the little detritus from my temporarily unavailable studio. (Rose Rigley, 2022)

Looks great! Well done!

Amanda Mcgahan

Gallery Director, The Kite Gallery, Cairns QLD

Julie Poulsen artist, series of recycled cardboard bags, Cairns artist QLD

Cardboard bags, Julie Poulsen (2022), recycled cardboard

‘With limited construction restrictions Cardboard has a flexible personality. Surprisingly sturdy, alterations and additions can be easily applied. Out of the Box was a reminder to tinker and invent, to allow the material at hand to guide the finished product. (Julie Pouslen, 2022)

Humble, ubiquitous, versatile and environmentally friendly, cardboard is an ideal art material. More and more, cardboard packaging is replacing plastics, and working with used cardboard stimulates inventiveness and playfulness. (Barbara Dover, 2022)


Out of the Box was a chance to play, a chance to work on different constructions, play with composition – forms within forms, investigate adhesives and collect lots and lots of boxes: it was difficult, interesting, and wonderful fun. (Jennifer Valmadre, 2022)


Embracing nostalgia, I revisited my childhood interest in collecting small boxes of various styles and shapes. What emerged from my reminiscences with cardboard – ripping, tearing, teasing out and piercing was a playful interpretation of landscape in a new (and yet, recycled) material. (Louisa Ennis-Thomas, 2022)

The cardboard box, an ordinary everyday item in which most of our consumables are delivered. Yet to children and cats everywhere this humble piece of packaging sends a powerful siren’s call, an irresistible lure to play. (Raewyn Biggs 2022)


Little creature (detail), Jennifer Valmadre (2022) recycled cardboard installation

*All artwork photography: Michael Marzik (unless otherwise indicated)

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Sixfold Project artist, Raewyn Biggs, carved sculpture - fishing float

910725, Raewyn Biggs (2020) carved fishing float Image: Michael Marzik