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What’s on in 2020 for Sixfold Project?

The challenges of 2020 have placed our world under strain: socially, culturally and environmentally. Artists feel this struggle in their daily lives and through their art practice. Sixfold Project’s collaboration has stayed strong during this difficult time, finding ways to connect and strengthen each other. Our latest art exhibition event, Blistering, has been one of those incredible opportunities for growth, both as a group and in our individual studio practices. 

2020 | What’s on in the arts?

Gallery installation view of exhibition featuring artist collaboration at an art museum

Blistering exhibition venue, The Art Room Vivo Palm Cove, Qld   Image courtesy Suzi Sherr

Sixfold Project exhibition, Vivo Palm Cove, Julie Poulsen, text painting

Once upon a time, Julie Poulsen (2020) synthetic polymer paint on canvas  Image: Michael Marzik

2020 art exhibition from Sixfold Project: BLISTERING

Remnants IV, Barbara Dover (2020) mixed media Image: Michael Marzik

Title, Raewyn Biggs (2020)  acrylic on board Image: Michael Marzik

Burnt then contagious, Jennifer Valmadre (2020) ceramic, timber, nails, fencing staples, nylon fibre  Image: Michael Marzik

Black tree calligraphy, Rose Rigley (2020) mixed media on paper  Image: Michael Marzik


LOCATION     The Art Room Vivo, Palm Cove, far north Queensland

DATES     Sept – Oct 2020


2020 has been a challenging year of isolation and social disruption in many regions. 

During this difficult period of covid-19 lock-downs throughout Australia, Sixfold Project doubled its resolved to stay connected and productive throughout this challenging time.  

Blistering was a concept in development, which would form the basis for an exhibition, delivered at the height of the pandemic to local audiences in far north Queensland.  

Adaptability is key.  

We would usually have a buzzing opening event to celebrate the exhibition and give visitors opportunities to connect with the artists and their work.  Instead, discussions were focused around social media platforms and small informal gatherings in the gallery space.  

Gallery owner, Suzi Sherr was a wonderful advocate for our work during this challenging time with a large number of artworks finding homes to enrich.

Just a few words to say thank you to Sixfold Project for presenting your beautiful and engaging exhibition, Blistering, in The Artroom at Vivo Palm Cove.

Working with your group has been a delight: professional and uncomplicated on every level. 

We look forward to your next show in 2021.

Suzi Sherr

Gallery Manager, VIVO Palm Cove

Blistering exhibition location, The Art Room Vivo Palm Cove Image courtesy Suzy Sherr


Blistering: (of heat) intense; (of criticism) expressed with great vehemence; extremely fast, forceful, or impressive.

Blistering reverberates with states of uncertainty where clearly describing the current situation or seeing possible future situations are, it would seem, beyond our grasp.

This exhibition wrestles with a larger story by concentrating on individual narratives. Each artist has developed a new body of work which brings their singular perceptions and sensibilities to a dissonant story of a world in crisis. The multidisciplinary artists draw on materials and processes which powerfully embody their ideas and poignantly sharpen the focus on worldwide calamity.

Sixfold Project settled on the somewhat prescient title, Blistering, as the driving concept for the group’s inaugural exhibition well before the shocking bush fires of late 2019 and early 2020. The word “blistering” took on a real potency for the artists. No-one could have foreseen the devastation that was to be wreaked upon Australia by the ravaging fires sweeping across the land. Yet, there was little indication, then, that the world would soon be turned upside down by another vehement force – a pandemic. For the six artists, the term “blistering”, once again, increased its significance and weight.

The Sixfold Project artists collect, build, re-use, deconstruct, layer, gather, mould, fuse, mix, embroider, print, paint, compose, construct, sew, weave, reveal and question as they pay attention to the potential and force of materials, impelled by their personal accounts and reckonings of human agency on the planet, and the confounding present-day world issues.

Scumbling blindly I – III, Louisa Ennis-Thomas (2020)  textile sculpture Image: Michael Marzik

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Sixfold Project artist, Raewyn Biggs, carved sculpture - fishing float

910725, Raewyn Biggs (2020) carved fishing float Image: Michael Marzik