Sixfold Project Members | Artist Profiles

Sixfold Project members have collaborated on more than 30 projects over the past 10 years, generating energy and enthusiasm for their artwork and experimental studio practice.

Collaborative projects from Raewyn Biggs, Barbara Dover, Louisa Ennis-Thomas, Julie Poulsen, Rose Rigley and Jennifer Valamdre engage contemporary art audiences across Australia.

Sixfold Project artist, Raewyn Biggs, carved sculpture - fishing float

Gone fishing (detail) 2020, acrylic on recycled ply

(Photography: Michael Marzik)

Raewyn Biggs

painting | sculpture | assemblage


Raewyn Biggs is a mixed media artist, whose practice explores various mediums including sculpture, painting and assemblage. Her work often reflects upon aspects of cultural change and the human condition.

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia and now living on a remote outpost in the Cook Islands, Raewyn’s art and outlook on life is the product of both her Polynesian heritage and her residency in three different countries across the Pacific Ocean.

Barbara Dover

assemblage | sculpture | multi-media


Barbara Dover is a Cairns-based contemporary artist whose multidisciplinary art practice deliberates on our relationship with animals within the understanding of animals as sentient beings.  She engages a range of materials, methods and processes including assemblage, sculpture, photography, video and drawing to wrestle with the familiarities and intricacies of human-animal relations at the intersection of aesthetics, ethics and animal advocacy.

Sixfold Project artist, Barbara Dover, environmental art sculpture

 Decoy 2018, squid hooks from FNQ beaches, metal, glue

(Photography: Michael Marzik)

Sixfold Project artist, Raewyn Biggs, carved sculpture - fishing float

Scumbling blindly I-III 2020,  textile sculpture

(Photography: Michael Marzik)

Louisa Ennis-Thomas

sculpture | painting | installation


Louisa Ennis-Thomas is a Melbourne artist who works across painting, drawing and sculpture, blurring the boundaries in between. Sculpture and installation feature strongly within her practice, underpinned by experimentation with new surfaces, textures and challenging materials.

Ennis-Thomas responds to the human condition and the environments which frame us, both natural and cultural. Art making, writing and collaboration are central to her creative practice.

Julie Poulsen

painting | mixed media | installation

Julie Poulsen’s curiosity for colour and composition were informed by multiple locations in her formative years.  From Papua New Guinea to the Gold Coast, from traditional Toowoomba and the United Kingdom to frontier Cooktown, Julie’s travels nurtured a tendency towards discovery and experimentation.

Julie works in her Cairns studio, alternating between painting, mixed media and wall installations, teaching one day a week and managing her practice.

Gallery installation view of exhibition featuring artist collaboration at an art museum

Just numbers 6 2020,  synthetic polymer paint on canvas

(Photography: Michael Marzik)

Sixfold Project artist, Raewyn Biggs, carved sculpture - fishing float

 Black tree calligraphy 2 (detail) 2020 , mixed media

(Photography: Michael Marzik)

Rose Rigley

artist books | assemblage | installation

Rose Rigley is a Queensland-based visual artist and arts educator. Her current practice focuses on memory, specifically, its influence on interpersonal connection and the role of commonplace objects as triggers for recollection. She utilises installation, artist books and sculptural assemblage to consider the beauty of the ordinary and to gain a deeper understanding of the universal in the personal.

Jennifer Valmadre

sculpture | ceramics | encaustic


Jennifer Valmadre is a Cairns-based contemporary artist. Her practice includes both 2D and 3D works, dipping into encaustic painting, sculpture, ceramics and an abundance of mixed media.  

It’s discovery that informs her practice and defines her work. Her investigation of materials and processes often produces unanticipated results that she seeks to control and reproduce. Mastering these discoveries offers Valmadre the challenge that drives her art production.

Gallery installation view of exhibition featuring artist collaboration at an art museum

Sweet tooth, ceramic sculpture – gallery view

(Photography:  David Campbell)