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Accessorise is an opportunity for creative play. Walking the line between rigorous studio practice and notions of commercial ‘success’, the artists dabble in creative baubles, wearable art, and sculptural works to enhance our bodies, lives, and spaces.

Following the threads of creative experimentation, Accessorise delivers an eclectic array of work challenging our understanding of art making, art collecting and the fluidity of studio practice.

Taking art off the walls and onto the streets, Accessorise features work from Raewyn Biggs (NZ), Barbara Dover (FNQ), Louisa Ennis-Thomas (VIC), Julie Poulsen (FNQ), Rose Rigley (FNQ) and Jennifer Valmadre (FNQ).

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We collaborate with galleries, curators, arts organisations and commercial enterprises who share our interest in dynamic contemporary art projects.

Sixfold Project artist, Raewyn Biggs, carved sculpture - fishing float

910725, Raewyn Biggs (2020) carved fishing float Image: Michael Marzik